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7 Tips for Surviving self distancing -- maybe its not a bad thing after all..

For much of the world, this past couple weeks has left us feeling like we were being taken on a magic carpet ride minus Aladdin and minus the carpet. We went from living our normal everyday comfy cozy lives to feeling like we had been thrust into an episode of the twilight zone. Much of the world has had to face devastating catastrophic events throughout their lifetimes us... not so much. When have we never been able to go to a supermarket, bar or restaurant at leisure? When was the last time most of us had to collectively fear for our safety in regards to health? Not to mention some of us being out of work and having to worry about where and how next weeks meal was going to make it onto the table. When was the last time we have born witness to entire industries crashing and burning all at the same time? When was the last time people had to actually spend weeks ( unscheduled ) with their own offspring and gasp.. have to actually teach them themselves!? Not in my lifetime and not in just about any of our lifetime. Its literally the blind leading the blind with no true experts on all or any of the tribulations facing us. We don't know what is coming next. There is not much that is sure in these times. There is one thing , that most of us introverts have down to a science and that is.... the wild wonderful world of social distancing... . Lean in and allow me to share with you the tips to live a life that most introverts have practiced for years... lets call it .. social distancing 101 .. ( and it goes a little sum'n like diiiiiiis)

Tip#1------ with all of this crazy news, " expert opinions" , imbibing fear from just about every angle that one could imagine , It can be difficult for one to feel their feet. Feels sort of like we are being dragged by a crowd. One important thing would be to pause.. get still.. like really still. Turn everything off ( after all didn't your mom teach you that you cannot eat from everyone? turn off some of the news) Listen to the sound of your own mind, the beating of your own heart, the pulsing of the blood through your own veins. This ends up being a private conversation between your body and mind with your mind reminding your body " im still here... we are still here".....

If you are sitting focus on sitting, focus on the smells in the room, the distribution of the weight through your body, focus on your breath. This will help you to ground yourself . A calm mind is able to think clearly. Just like when you are taking a road trip and get lost or get into a banger , you may need to pull over and center yourself before you continue your journey. Be present....

Tip #2 --- Try to avoid prime time for any outdoor activities. Avoid the supermarket five on a Friday or noon a Saturday. Those are the most "peopley" times. Try going to the supermarket at the crack of dawn or just prior to closing (of course double checking the new hours of your market)

tip #3 -- For the apartment dwellers the same applies to doing laundry or putting out garbage. Performing these tasks super early or super late is best when it comes to avoiding being around too many people.

tip#4 --- The road less traveled. If you do have to go out and about, think about alternate entrances. Is there side door or back door that can be used? Is there a staircase that you could use instead of being cloaked up on an elevator? These options may not be prevents you from getting kidnapped but they definitely will keep you away from people

Tip#5 --- What was it that you always wanted to do but never seemed to have time for ? what activities did you think were too superfluous for a responsible adult who is actually adulting? Coloring in a coloring book ? Doing a facial on yourself ? Baking your own bread ? making candles? Didn't you have some interesting guided meditation videos saved to your playlist ? Perhaps there was something more "adult" that you have been riding the procrastination train away from like creating a budget or making a grocery list. Or how about actually putting a dent in those hundreds of books that you are housing on that bookshelf. Pull out clothes from your closet to finally post online to sell. The possibilities are endless!!!

tip #6 --- Make your home your oasis. This doesn't mean running out to home goods and buying all of the Buddhas that they have in stock. This simply means maybe pulling out your favorite sheets. Clearing off that counter top and lighting that candle that now has a fine powder of dust on top. Sweeping towards the door to get out stagnant energy. Moving some tchotchkes and such from the living room to the dining room. Finally putting some pictures into those frames that you have had for years. Finding the perfect spot for that painting and ac-tu-a-lly hanging it ! Okkaaaaaaaay Martha ( Stewart) i see you!!! we see you!! ( maybe we don't see you, we are self isolating hello! )

tip #7-- Be reasonable... Just because you are social distancing doesn't mean that you have to be Oscar the grouch. You can still be pleasant smile and wave. No need to forego all social graces there still is a line between running the other way when you see another human and holding them by the hair and planting a french kiss on them. ( at least we hope) self isolation is not that bad after all is it ( despite the circumstance)

May you all be well, be safe, be healthy

and hopefully have your face in a nice warm cup of tea...





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