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Grace.... (like georgia) Has been on my mind for months ... Is Grace learned? Are you born with Grace? Do they sell it at whole foods or wally world?? Grace..... Maybe she's born with it .. Maybe not .. If life has never thrown you a curve ball.. If your body has never failed you .. If you have never been told no... Then you may not know her .. Grace is harder to summon... When your road has been silky smooth In my opinion... Grace is a muscle... It is built.... Summoned.... Strengthened Aged ..... Grace is built from overcoming something ..... You become appreciative ... Grateful for something that at one time you had to do without.. Now that it's back... You appreciate it .. If that thing didn't come back.. You learn to live without it And realize that it's okay.. Either way... Grace... Is a beautiful thing... Grace can open more doors Than beauty Charisma Charm A strong chin.... Pretty shoes Grace makes people want to lift you Welcome you Honor you... Grace doesn't shout out loud.. But whispers Confidently Beautifully In an unwavering tone... Grace is A quiet strength... Attractive to many Because of her solid.. Honest .. Humble demeanor... Grace is..... (really... It just is) ~Tosha 


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