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Everything around here turns into a tea latte (or a cuppa with milk )


Twas a Sunday morning and all through the house... I kid I kid!! 

I woke up this a.m. with some super Sunday feels! I had plans to delve into my new delicious book in a cozy nightgown with a milky latte mouthstache (issa whole  vibe) feel me?? 

I woke up took a few phone calls (surprise surprise) and immediately put on a pot of milk with some strips of ginger to steam. What was I steaming it for ?? I would determine that later! 

I was on the phone and looking through a seldom looked through tea stash and thought.... Hmmmm dandelion latte??? Naaaaah I wanted some caffeine! 

Ive been trying to be a good girl and go through my tea stash.... And found these laoshan black tea pouches (among other teas .... Someone help me ) 

I am the queen of researching and re-researching so that I did. Google tell me more about this tea!  Oh it's fed by naturally sweet spring water, it's hand picked on a small farm , and traditionally oxidized for three days before finishing to bring out chocolate notes?? Lawd  it would be almost criminal to add steamed ginger oat and almond milk and sugar to this tea. 

So first I Brewer and had a cup straight up 

After all I couldn't let this hard work be hidden in steamed milk and sugar.... 

So the first cup.... Was beautiful.. 

Smooth , earthy and almost dandelion tea like. So guess who ran back to the kitchen to quickly froth her milk and pour the remainder of the brewed laoshan tea into the milk.. or vice versa. 

And maan it was a beaut! 

It came out decadent, rich creamy and well I think the laoshan tea farmers wouldnt be too mad at me. 

I'm no tea purist.... I love my tea especially black teas enhanced with milk..... (Oh today's milks were Elmhurst farms barista oatmilk and Pacifica almond milk) 

Annnnnnd that is all she wrote... 



☕ Until we tea again 



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