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About TeA

In most Caribbean households its considered almost a mortal sin to leave the house in the morning without “something warm in your stomach” . This something warm could magically protect you from a common cold, headache, gas ,  even a car accident in the eyes of most Caribbean parents. This “something warm” more times than not was a hot cup of tea. The tea could range from loose teas such as fever grass, lemongrass, or even peppermint tea another option would be good ole Tetley or Lipton.

I grew up drinking tea and would make loose tea even in my electric kettle in my dorm room. Eventually when I joined the workforce I was called the “tea pusher” always offering a hot liquid remedy for everything to stomachaches to the common cold.  I consider myself to be an introverted extrovert so when people wanted to hear more of what I had to say the common invite would be to go for tea rather than coffee. Nothing makes me happier then sampling a new tea or getting a new tea gadget.

My parents seemed to know what they were doing my naming me Tosha ( with a long o) which means “last one” “thank you” or simply “i am enough”. I enjoy speaking to people in small pockets and am often told that I have “grandma energy” ( think comfort , hugs, kiss and make it better) I am a hopeful optimist ( nothing is hopeless) and tend to put a positive sunshiny spin on even the most dire situations. I’m the baby of the family, an avid reader, a lover of word, and a Taurean who likes long walks in the …. aww  never mind.  


Soooo, that’s enough about me…. have a seat… tell me about you…  have some tea…. Tea with Tosha

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