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She climbed in.....

*** I'm going to preface this post with a bit of background. I write often on social media just from my head to the keyboard . At times (usually) I don't ascribe as much value as I should to what I write. I was at shaman womb healing circle hosted by a friend last summer and in closing I heard this poem. She climbed in..... 

With the first line... And one eye opened I mouthed to my friend (the host) I wrote that! Then to my friend to my right.... D! That's my poem! 

My friend " the host" giggled and thought that I was making a joke. She quickly realized that yesssssssssss it was my poem and reintroduced me to the Shaman priest and told her that I had in fact written this poem. 

She looked shocked and immediately wrote down my name as the author and explained that she has been using the poem at the end of her womb healing circles with the author "anonymous" 

This was a strong message to me. I tend to find comfort in being anonymous. I've always found writing and creating easy and have words for just about everyone and everything.  I understand the power of words and need to give the ones that I string together the proper respect. So without further adieu

Here it is... 

She climbed in... 

By Tosha groves 

She climbed in to herself like a child climbing into her parents bed. 

She climbed in with the intensity of someone searching for that needle in a haystack.. 

She climbed in with the precision of surgeons hand .. Seeking to remove a cancerous growth... 

She climbed in ... Ready and willing to commune with her highest self She climbed in seeking shelter . Seeking warmth She climbed in from the cold... She climbed in knowing that in knowing she knew she knew that in Held the answers... The validation The shelter The confirmation The healing. She climbed into remember She climbed in knowing that in always comes first in the race To out... She climbed in She climbed in.... #teawithtosha 


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