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Reclaiming my time ( thank you auntie) 

Off to a late start for 2020 (aren't we all?)

2019 was like a blur with January then june/December. We went from summa summa summatime to it's beginning to look like Christmas in a blink. Although I would like to pine after 2019 just a bit longer, the show must go on .... Cue 2020 (whew she's heavy)

In the past couple of years learning boundaries how to build them, what tools were needed to enforce them, how to repaint them, and how to make them pretty was definitely a learning experience....

The older that I get the more introverty I fnd myself ( 38 years of marinating in that sauce) and the more I find myself explaining or attempting to explain away my behavior that may seem odd to some but to me seems very normal.

Explaining feels tiring and living one's life in a catch me if you can way after a while makes you feel like "you had to run like a fugitive just to save the life you live" (thanks Bob) As an introvert living life going to supermarkets late in the night, knowing every back staircase at work , sitting in my car before entering my building to make sure that the "coast is clear" feeling the guilt in my stomach brewing for each text message that I haven't gotten to return, brunch dates with waitlists as long as a line for an dinner en Blanc, pending returned phone calls, piled on top of people who I genuinely want to talk to and reach out to and check on whom I haven't .... (Insert wallslam here )

As a girl who lives alone with no children it seems bizarre to some that my time shouldn't be public, shouldn't be open, shouldn't be available. However I live a full life, which requires recharging before anything else.

Oh the topic of this post was reclaiming our time wasn't it ??? Reclaiming ones time begins (imo) with reclaiming ones voice. How do you really feel? Do you want to go? Do you agree that your boss is awful or disagree and are simply nodding your head to avoid a lengthy debate that you have little energy for?

Do you really enjoy this person's company? Did something that someone did make you feel uncomfortable? As the queen of ghosting (team taurus) if someone did a few things I didn't care for I would just pull back (cue Homer Simpson in the hedges meme) but for 2020.... It is my intention to speak up right then and right there.

Reclaim your voice. Speak... Remember that you aren't Ariel and your voice isn't hanging around the ruthless Ursula's neck. Without being rude , mean, or calloused simply state in your most assertive voice that your boundaries are being stepped on....

Reclaim your voice...

Sound the alarm...

Reclaim your time....

It belongs to you ...

And should be given voluntarily...

Not stolen....

Wishing you all an absolutely marvelous 2020 (she's heavy)

Until we tea again


P.S... drinking a housemade Assam based chai with frothed coconut milk and coconut sugar on top 😊🤗



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