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Who are you? What are you here to do ? What is this all about ?

Its the one thing that we are born with, forget , and then remember in small bits and pieces over our entire lifetime (for most of us) Sometimes it seems as though each of us were once a full image created and Illustrated by our creator. Eventually turned into a puzzle piece which was scattered all over the earth some with other people some in different places.

The big question is who am i? The co star for that question is .... what is my purpose?

Usually this question stems from being someone who you are not for a while or realizing that you are actually playing a role instead of just being. We question our purpose when we finally open our eyes to the fact that we are not doing what we were destined to do. That feeling of being unfulfilled leads to you questioning yourself on how to fill what seems to be a deep void.

who remembers that scene in Alice in wonderland where the caterpillar asks in the most frustrating way "who are you.... ?" He keeps repeating the question to much to the annoyance of poor Alice who seems to be thinking "just tell me who I AM dammit!!" much like many of us.

Want to make someone squirm? Ask them who they are. Don't ask what they do ,who's parent they are or even what their religious affiliation is. The most difficult question that you can ask someone is Who are you ? That strips someone naked with nothing to hide behind. We all should know who we are

In the search for ones true self, some of the questions should be pretty simple and surprisingly obvious. What do people say the most about you ? ( even when you aren't in the room) How would people describe you? What do you love doing the most? How do you occupy your time? What do you love about you ? what have you learned to accept about you ? Are you always trying to change or alter yourself ? What is your idea of bliss? of happiness? of peace? Think about these questions Do you love you? Can you end statements about you in a period or do they end often with a question mark?

Oh and remember that box of puzzle pieces that was created with your name on it and scattered about? People have been handing you pieces one at a time over the years. Those random moments when someone says just what you needed to hear that day or steps in just when you needed someone. Places that you have gone you have been finding pieces often times after tripping over them. You were often thinking "ahhhhh this is just where i needed to be !!" or " This place feels cozy and familiar".There were other times that you were so caught up in your own inner dramas that you missed these pieces entirely. Then one day... you pull out all of your pieces and fit them together and realize

THIS IS ME!!! This is who i am!! You realize that you want to shout it from the rooftop!!!!! You glow from inside! You realize that all of your "problems" come with a matching solution and that you have to wholeheartedly hang on and LIVE with the ebb and flow of life!!!

After looking inward and outward. After burying my nose in books and drying my eyes in documentaries. After tasting life's bitter and life's sweet. After being grateful for things both big and small and being aware of gems and synchronicity in my everyday life. I can honestly say now that i am the closest to my truest self and I can answer the question who are you from a place of power...... my power ( backed with the power of the universe)

I leave you with the question ..... who are you? You can feel free to answer privately or publicly.....

With gratitude always,


P.s. the tea featured here was tealyras coconut oolong...


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