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Redefine adventure....

Today was a day off and was spent doing one of the things that I least desire...... Paperwork. Just hearing the term paperwork makes my skin crawl , my head hurt , and sends my fight or flight response into full speed. In my perfect world such a thing wouldn't even exist! 

While thumbing through years of crumpled aged documents that for some reason were deemed important by moi at some time or another (really Tosha? Do you need a car rental receipt from 2014 in Jamaica? Toss!) I came across this magazine. The fall issue of lonely planet with the lush jungle foliage and the bold statement across the front which read ReDefine adventure. You talking to me lonely planet? (Jzu talkin ta me??) 

Yesssssssss.. Twas time for a tea break! 

While sipping some delicious vanilla chai that my bestie brought me from England. The term kept floating through my head... 

Redefining adventure..... Redefining adventure. What does redefining adventure mean to me ? Me sorting through ye olde file box which started out super detailed and organized and now had my a.d.d. infused spice of everything everywhere ... This was an adventure! My heart was beating just as quickly while quickly thumbing though paperwork... Old emails, manuals, medical papers, documents from an old car accident had a similar thrill as going to a lion park in South Africa. Paperwork!   How was that for adventure??? 

Adventure for me could mean saying yes.... Or simply saying no. Taking someone up on an invitation. Starting my day differently ( like my latest endeavor of attempting to inject more type a character traits into my type z. Lifestyle) Attempting to wake up at 5 am every morning! Being determined to add a bit of exercise into my normally sedentary life. Writing on my blog today instead of my safe haven otherwise known as Instagram. Talk about blood pumping. Today the thought of going right instead of left, up instead of down , is downright exciting!! 

Today the theme is redefining adventure..... And hopefully from this day forth !! How are you planning on redefining adventure?? 

Until we tea again! 



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