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Yaaawn.. Stretch ... Dream blends from the jasmine tea ...

I absolutely love my teaboxes from red elephant tea company!!! This little sample of mine came in the last box that I received and I had totally forgotten about this one! 

I love all things related to dreaming so was happy to find this lil forgotten treasure. 

I flipped the kettle on ... 

Chose my mug and got ready to jump on the highway to sweet dreams!!

This tea had pleasantly "herby "flavor .Valerian is definitely an attention whore ! It seem like any tea blend with Valerian and she tries to overpower all of the other flavors. This particular blend features Valerian , lindenflower , fennel , lemonbalm, clove, Honeybush, chicory, and lavender. 

Already in my totally Zen zone (picture the turtle from finding nemo who exclaims duuuuude take it down a thousand) courtesy of the oh so sedating stylistics of madame Valerian...

This blend may be a little heavy on the herb/veggie taste to some.... But it really is a pretty good blend that in my opinion lends more to savory than to sweet (despite the honey that I added) well!!! Good night to all . and to all a good night!!!!! 

-until we tea again! 



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