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Let me tell you about a little tea spot called Calabash.....

I was in D.C. for literally one night and one thing that I put on my must see list (in my mind) was Calabash. 

Today before heading to the airport skipped the breakfast at the hotel and I "ubered "(can you pluralize uber?) It on over to Calabash with my luggage in tow. The weather was steamy but I had already my mind made up that I was going to have an even steamier cup of tea. 

Let me rewind a bit...... A few weeks ago when I found out that I was going to be in D.C. ,I danced my happy little fingers over to Google to find a tea spot. The calabash came up in the initial search and the bohemian flair and the name sold me in seconds. A Calabash is a gourd that is dried and used as a vessel. You see them a lot in the caribbean. People eat and drink out of them and also make them into purses. 


Back to me rolling my luggage through the door . It was here where I was greeted by first a young man saying the warmest hello. Next my eyes caught a little bouquet of flowers on the floor in the corner .(most likely  paying homage to ancestors)

Eclectic decor, beautiful prints, and hamsas made me feel like I was in the most beautiful blend of an meditation center, a shrine, my favorite esoteric shop, home goods, and a cafe in  Jamaica all at the same time.  Is that even possible!? 

The genteman after greeting me asked how I was feeling today and if I wanted something to lift me or relax me (sounds like me when someone comes to my house for tea) . I knew that I wanted absolutely everything on the menu. In retrospect I was thinking that I could have had him blend me something for my crunchy hips but I literally was in shock and awe of the menu. I literally felt like I was over my favorite aunts house visiting and just wanted to lay down on the rug. 

Apparently my bag felt the same way because a lady behind me tapped me to get my attention to show me that my rolling bag had fallen over. While thanking her and picking up my bag we both noticed that something had escaped from my bag . What was it you ask??? My spanx that I bought after arriving and the tags were all on the floor in the middle of the shop. How smooth.. 

Back to calabash... I was given a sample of a tea called love potion #10 an extra gingery chai. One sip and I settled on that for my drink . The gentleman (sorry forgot his name,  your undergarments jumping from your bag will do that to you ) suggested I try the vegan blt and the half a soup which was a red pepper soup. The plates and the silverware felt like they were eco-friendly 👍 

My sandwich was soooooo good that I never heard him tell me that my tea was ready! Lol. The store was so interesting that I was looking around feasting my eyes on one thing and then the other .The people sitting in the cafe looked so cozy and unhurried it was like they were sitting in their living rooms or offices. 

I finished my sandwich and soup and got up to explore!!! The teas! The tea accessories and artistic offerings were right up my alley! I was really hoping to meet the owner before I got there but after experiencing the shop I really want to meet her and give her a squeeze! 

There were candles that were formed after spiritual prayer candles but with the likeness of tesla and james Baldwin on them. There were sage bundles on the counters and all sorts of cool items in beautiful bowls arranged on the counters. The entire shop /cafe/ lounge was as homey and eclectic as it was immaculate. 

When I got my cup of tea the top of it he had written love is support . 

The simple things!!! I love this spot! I will definitely be back and you too should check it out when in D.C. 

What did I get!? That will be another post. I don't want your tea to get cold! 

Until we tea again,



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