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Can we talk about this mug???

First off , can I get a round of applause for writing about my teasperience the day of!?  

There were many things at Calabash that my hands danced over. Its a good thing that I didn't plan to check my suitcase because I absolutely would have filled it .

Can I tell you what I adored instantly and had to have ??? This beautiful ocean blue Frida mug that said "I never painted my dreams , I only painted my reality". 

(Drops tea) 

I had to have this mug.... 

I am totally keeping the box that it came in. Talk about inspiration. Definitely a reminder to be unapologetically me . 

View from the other side!!! Oh and I picked up some teas as well. They had a 2 for $16 promotion and I knew that I wouldn't be back anytime soon.  I definitely will be exploring these teas one by one! They do sell online also at for anyone who wants to have the calabash experience at home. Can't wait to crack these babies open. Will definitely try one tonight. 

Until we tea again ☕



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