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Today's tuesday tea is brought to you by a four letter word...

Good night, good evening, good morning!!!!!

One of the things that i am totally enjoying about life is learning more and more about self.. what motivates me? what annoys me about me ? what makes me a superhero? what makes me a real jive turkey?

I'm a Taurus and when i'm in my normal calm state i can be extremely passive. Like super super passive. I am a salespersons dream ! Tell me why i should have it and in less than two seconds put it in a bag for me and consider it sold. I've referred to myself as the opposite of a couponer because if something is being sold for a lesser price I usually miss the boat and cheerfully purchase it at the higher price. I wont argue and I wont haggle. That is the price that you told me and i have absolutely no qualms about paying it.

I'm always willing to wait patiently for the next opportunity, next anything. I'm always willing to let it go. As a matter of fact i think that the let it go soundtrack was written by my subconscious. Let it go! its all good! Another big thing will come again and i'm totally cool with next time !

Sooo this brings me to this evening. I had been meaning to call my phone carrier about a one hundred fifty dollar charge on my bill for long distance calling. Now don"t get me wrong t-mobile has gotten many a long distance charge ( for a lot more money) from me so this wouldn't have been the first but I've gotten hip to the game ( and whats app has answered our free long distance calling cries) Who pays for long distance calls anymore? Well usually it would have been me. I was going to just give them their money and call it a day but this evening was a bit different , as martin said i was not paying the five! I laid out on my couch after work I thought about all of the things that I was dragging my feet on doing. I was about to create a meme that said " will putting it off make it go away?" Instead i said let me call these people right now.

I forced myself to call to question the charge. After a few minutes i did realize that it was in fact my blunder but asked if it was at all possible that the fee be removed. The gentleman on the line first told me that his system would only allow a twenty dollar credit. I explained to him that i realized that it was my blunder but i am asking that it be removed. He put me on hold to address his supervisor ( super side note he said that he had to run across the office to ask and each time came back out of breath which i found so endearing and amusing) He came back and said "great news" my supervisor is willing to take forty dollars off!!! I said "John" i have been with this company longer than any romantic relationship in my lifetime thus far. I told him in a calm but confident tone that i appreciated him running a marathon around his office but that I was asking that as a courtesy the entire 150 dollar charge be waved.

He did come back to me for the third time (out of breath) and told me that he defended me and that yes, the fee would be removed. I was so proud of myself. For some people this is their everyday life. The ask for what they want and expect to receive it,but for a calm non confrontational tea sipping girl named Tosha this was big. On the micro level it was simply a fee being waved through persistence but on a macro level this showed me the power of pushing. This showed me that i too can push not knock someones block off but just gently push to achieve my desired outcome. Definitely not a brand new lesson but just an opportunity to use the tool...

This post was powered by...

Thao tea cantaloupe mint a really chill easy breezy melon mint tea with floral notes...

until we tea again !!




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