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Turmeric teas bringing sexy back back to turmeric

Let me tell you . I drink a whole lot of tea. I love the strong spicy flavors of a good chai trust me. I do ingest quite a bit of turmeric but to tell you the truth i'm not totally crazy about the flavor ( at least in sweet things) So let me give you the tea on this tea honey!

I was at the Toronto tea festival and walked up to a beautifully decorated table and tasted these teas. I tasted absolutely no turmeric. I immediately scooped up a few packages to take home. Little did i know this tea was soon to be "bae".

This tea is absolutely beautiful. SO much so that i have to be choosy about which ones i add in this post. This tea is always photo shoot ready. Can we get into the pink peppercorn?

The owner Richa Gupta is such a warm soul. I've met her twice this year and feel like I've know her for years. Another great thing about the tea is that a percentage of your purchase goes to canada's food bank. Another thing that i absolutely love is that this tea is certified organic. Can this tea do any wrong? I don't think so

Turmeric is good for inflammation and a host of other things from brain function to lowering blood sugar ( see image below)

turmeric is good for a host of different ailments

There are 2 other teas made by this company. There is the turmeric and lemongrass mix as well as a turmeric and mint blend. I've tasted all three and they are blended beautifully!

This tea is the perfect pick me up in the morning with some almond milk and a bit of the sweetener of your choice. I love a chai that isn't shy when it comes to the spices and this one is absolutely perfect. Its my favorite tea to share.

You can follow richa at www.intragram/turmericteas or find her teas on the website . If you try this tea and you love it don't forget to hashtag teawithtosha .

until we tea again!




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