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Mothers little helper by Davids tea

I made what i thought was a quick stop into a david's tea in Roosevelt field about a month ago and walked out with a bit more tea than I had planned! This tea was one of the ones being offered for purchasing i believe it was 40 dollars or more worth of tea. It was the weekend before mothers day and i loved the herby minty aroma of this particular tea.

I gave this tea to my mother and had the pleasure of actually tasting it upon my last visit. Let me note that this particular tea is organic. Ill talk more in another post about some of the other teas that i purchased that day that are still sitting in my cupboard.

I don't know why i love bedtime teas so much even though i literally sleep like a growing teenager. This blend has peppermint, lemongrass, rose hips, chamomile , cornflowers, and last but not least the pow knock em out factor valerian root. I definitely don't have trouble sleeping... but if i did! It didn't give you a benadryl drowsy feeling but i definitely was out like a light shortly after sipping

(did someone say chamomile ? i paused here to get up and steep some bedtime tea... lol)

The tea steeped to a beautiful vibrant red color ( probably due to the hibiscus) and you could definitely taste the peppermint and hibiscus coming through. I definitely would buy this tea as a gift for someone and also would purchase for myself. I definitely appreciate herbal teas that are just herbs sans all of the extras.

For all of the mothers that could use a little helper to get them from being awake worrying about getting the little ones off to school to REM sleep I definitely would suggest this tea.

Until we tea again!




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