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"I wish... i wish... eat the apple!! my review on "sleeping beauty" by bad girl good

Well this tea is nowhere as dramatic as the witch and her sinister apple. Even though it is made by a "bad girl" her and this tea are the best kind of bad there is! I had the pleasure of meeting her in person at the brooklyn coffee and tea festival and and she is an absolute doll! (check her out at

I'm like borderline obsessed with this steeping beauty tea. I'm usually not a fan of chamomile but find myself drinking it in blends of late. This one is one of my favorite. I dont know if its the coconut ( im in love with the coco) or the lemongrass but this blend definitely gently assists you on the journey to lala land gently. Stevia leaf is blended in with it so no need to add any sweeteners. There is nothing like a comforting cup of a gentle blend like this before bed.

It comes with a warning that it may result in attractive "i woke up like this" selfies. Love a company that has a good sense of humor and good tea. If you do get a chance to taste this tea snap a pic and tag me in it ...

Until we tea again!




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