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Roasted Dandelion and Yerbamate Latte ( say it with me folks)

Obviously my first thought when i wake up is tea. What type ? with milk ? without ? Well I woke up friday morning wanting something frothy and delicious . I was thinking which chai tea would fit the bill. I rustled through the cabinet and found this tea that i had forgotten about from my friends wellness event in January.

Check ahki's Roasted dandelion and yerbamate tea. I do love dandelion tea and when I am really "about that life" and dont need that instant shot of caffeine I sometimes will have a steaming cup of this tea to start my day. Dandelion is good for detoxing the liver, boosting the immune system , skin conditions, joint problems, bloating and on and on and on. Its also a good source of iron and a host of other minerals. So long story short dandelion is some good stuff!!

Yerbamate is definitely another really good tea and actually currently is bae ( i definitely go through tea phases) Years ago when i was in my late teens early twenties my mother heard about yerba mate and weight loss and literally bought an entire case. Her and i both would drink it and realized that both of us were getting headaches. Fast forward to a few years later I realized that it was probably because the yerbamate was smoked. I have never had a problem with yerba mate and headaches since ( but i digress .. as usual)

Yerbamate is a south american herb that was used for long lasting slow release energy. The beautiful thing about yerbamate is that you get the energy from the tea with no crash. This tea is also said to be good for the digestive system, for mental alertness, and to increase your levels of dopamine ( the feel good hormone)

I love the energy boost and the mild gentle flavor of yerbamate and you will see here ( or on my instagram which i update a few times a day) that i drink a whole lotta this tea.

Back to the point of my story, a while back someone from chaiwalla tea company on instagram did a video on simmering the chai tea in the milk to really get the flavor and benefits of the tea. I tried it once and was hooked! This is what i did with this tea as well.

Making a tea latte is not only for the highly trained , seemingly magical barista its really easy to do at home.

all that you need is a milk frother, and ummm milk ( i like plant milks)

I simmered the tea in a small saucepan with almond milk ( you can also simmer in water but i like mine super creamy )


put a portion of milk into your milk frother and put it in the fridge ( cool milk froths easier)

there she is ^^ my simple hand crank milk frother . You strain the tea into the cup and then lift and push the knob to get that froth going. Its really quick realllly quick I have a little electic hand held one but ive actually never used it.

Thats basically it! this tea also has some cocoa powder in it which added to the overall taste . It was very earthy , grounding, and decadent at the same time. I added a sprinke of cinnamon to the top and that was all she wrote !! Now that im typing this i kind of want another one.....

From the top💚__Dandelion and yerba mate latte _With a sprinkle of cinnamon _#tealatte #yerba #yerbamate #teatime #dandelion

_untill we tea again!



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