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Alice in Wonderland as an adult

There are some of those shows that you watched as a child that you know flew over your head. That was back when cartoons were actually able to speak to adults and children differently. Alice in wonderland is one of those movies that i mention often in my everyday conversations so a few month ago i decided to sit down and watch it again. This time i was able to really take it in and receive all of the hidden jewels.

I vaguely remembered the mad hatters tea, the queen, and especially the magical Cheshire cat that asked Alice the famous question "who are ... you" as he blew circles of smoke into her face. Watching this scene again through my adult eyes had me really tune in. Who are you ? That is a question that is asked of us almost our entire lives both of ourselves and from others. Really , who are you ? Besides for a teacher, a mom , a sister, a husband. Who are you ? Can you look inside beyond the rings of smoke and craziness and really define who you are ?

One of the other things that really stood out to me after the screen went black was the correlation to the ego. There were times when Alice had to make herself large to be able to enter into a specific door. Then there were other times where she had to make herself small to gain access to another experience. This was a valuable tool that they illustrated for us. There are definitely times in our lives where we have to deflate ourselves a bit in order to learn the lesson or engage in the experience. She also learned that she was able to create her own reality and not be rigid when that reality changed.

Alice abandoned all fear and fully and intentionally engaged in her journey. She willingly played croquet with a queen despite her threats to behead just about everyone within reach of her. She danced with absolutely no concern with tweedle dee and tweedle dum. She sipped tea and assimilated to the mad hatters tea party. She wholeheartedly threw herself into every experience with no concern for time, for what seemed realistic , or even for how in the world she would get back to her own reality. There were many lessons to be learned from Alice and her adventures. Lessons on living life fully, freely, and allowing yourself the pleasure of being carefree. I thoroughly appreciate and thank Alice for her perspective and if i ever get invited to a mad hatters tea, I will definitely oblige .

until we tea again!



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