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Toronto tea festival 2017!! #theteasperience

Sooooo last week on the 29th of January was the Toronto tea festival. Let me just say that i was beyond stoked to go. I bought tea buttons to pimp out my outfit. I made some alice in wonderland drink me earrings. For the new year my plan was to get my blog up and running .... like for real.. lol!! I am not talking about the 3 post that I put up from I first bought the domain in June (dont judge me ) This festival was riiiiiiiight on time !! I was having my blog redone had order business cards . I was ready!!

With all of that put aside... I was excited to sip some new tea!! I was scheduled to go last year and there was a random ice storm which definitely would have made my 2 hour drive just a tad bit more interesting to say the least. On the tail end of my friends event the day before , a visit from another friend, and my phone behaving badly I jumped in my car and hit the road. I was finally off to the tea festival. ( super side note... the customs officer literally giggled when I told him where I was heading for the day)

Can I just say how much i Love Toronto? I stopped at a starbucks on the way to pregame with a London Fog latte. I swear that we dont have London fog's in the states ( Tosha narrows eyes for emphasis)

My  lipstick stained  London Fog Latte

After a long therapeutic drive I finally arrived to the toronto reference library for the festival. Yaaaaaaay!!! I picked up my ticket got my stamp, swag bag, and walked in.

obligatory selfie

where was i? Oh yeah... so i walked in and took the obligatory selfie in front of the step and repeat acting as if i doing a bathroom selfie and no one was watching me. Lol!

I walked further in and a whole room of tea opened up before me. What was a girl to do ? Wherefore art thou tea? It was all here! if i could have done a Disney spin with my arms wide open without anyone giving me a side eye ... trust me i would have. That is ... if it got to wear my princess gown instead of dressing in practically a snow suit for the frigid weather.

I dont even know where to begin honestly so im just going to shoot from the hip so that this doesnt turn into the next harry potter trilogy.

My favorite things about the day were :

a) i was amongst tea people who could care less about anything than putting out their teacups to sample teas

B) seeing moxtea in the flesh ( i bought tea from them and lost it somehow)

c) Having a wonderful conversation with the gent from worldteapodcast and not knowing who he was ... lol

d) Not even thinking about food because my belly filled with a wide array of tea.

e) Seeing a huge chunk of chaga mushroom in the flesh. Ive seen pictures on instagram but never in person. I literally felt like i should have rubbed it for good luck like the stump at showtime at the Apollo...

F) The customs officer on the way back who asked me if the big shopping bag of tea was really for my personal consumption. #dontjudgemeofficer just come have some tea....

I went to the event solo and I am a quick shopper so i figured that I would spend no more than an hour. I was shocked when i saw vendors packing up and looked at my phone to see that I had been there more than 2 1/2 hours ! Time flies when you're having ....... well......tea! If you aren't really into tea it may be the equivalent of watching paint dry... who knows ( shrug) I appreciated the tea sales, the tasting, the exchange , the vibe , everything . I definitely will attend again next year....

until later ....



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