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The power of words.... the good and the bad

words have power

Sooo on the tail end of a beautiful weekend came Monday which i was for once ready for. The workday was flowing smoothly and steadily and  I was a happy camper. My coworker and i were having a great conversation about the subconscious mind and actually creating what you desire. We spoke about vision, about words , about all kinds of attracting. Somehow eventually we get on the topic of falling and she tells me that she falls all the time. She goes into detail about some of her most memorable falls and we are literally cracking up together!  I explained to her that I very seldom fall both in adulthood and childhood i was always very cautious when it came to keeping both feet on the ground. 

I had hip surgery at a young age and then in adulthood was in a car accident. If there was a way for me to get away with wrapping these hips of mine in bubble tape to protect them from the world I would!! Just to make my point even more clear my special hips on their worst days behave as though they belong to an 84 year old named Ethel. 

Fast forward to the end of the work day. I had a pretty good day and stopped to have a "teawithtoshaesque" conversation with another coworker on the way out. I headed out the door to my car and after about 10 steps i did somewhat of a silver surfer slide on ice and landed right on my back, looking up into the sky. I laid there for a few seconds collecting myself and thinking that there is no way that i could have just performed this less than graceful version of disney on ice.  I am sure that the fall would have been perfect for a slip and fall accident lawyer commercial leg raise and everything. I heard someone scream "stay right there!! " as I struggled to get up and must have looked like a newborn lamb testing out her legs. 

Eventually one lady made two and they both came to help me up. I put my hand in my bag and realize that my favorite teabook glass tea tumbler that seemed virtually indestructible had smashed to millions of little tea infused pieces in the bottom of my bag. I made it home thinking the whole drive about the irony of the conversation that I had earlier coming to pass. As she told me storied about her favorite falls I visualized them in detail, held the image in my mind, and repeated firmly that I never ever fall and that i absolutely cannot afford a fall! 

Guess what? I fell and I lived to tell the tale. I could have knocked out my teeth , twisted a body part, or sprained something. Instead i came home , prepared a hot bath with epsom salt  with a extra side of magnesium. After my long soak I tossed back some turmeric and ginger supplements with a glass of water with vitamin c crystals and msm powder. Rubbed up with some msm and arnica  lotion and layed this frame of mine on my favorite jade heating mat.  Today i feel like i was doing some mixed martial arts with ethel's hips and body but besides for some bruising and soreness i think that i will be okay! 

I tell you this long story to illustrate the importance of even the smallest conversations. I literally feel like I almost attracted the fall. Im always conscious of my words always but never thought of attraction to this extreme! So! with that being said ! May you all tread carefully and speak thoughtfully..... 

words are magical.... 

gratitude always , 



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