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Just Jump

Who remembers their first time trying to jump into a rope? The “rope turners” Would tell you when the ideal time to get into the rope would be … When this …hand goes up… When I say jump jump…

Jammin Jumpers - Brooklyn Double Dutch Team

Jump… Jump… Jump…

Or even with the song… One my baby… 2 my baby… 3 my baby jump…

The funny thing though…. Was that the jumper … Wouldn’t jump in Until they felt that the time was ideal That the conditions were fair That the rope was in the absolute perfect position.. For them to jump…

The thoughts of getting hit by the rope Getting tangled in it … Falling in the floor Getting laughed at Failing at this whole jumping rope thing..

Proved sometimes way too paralyzing Of a thought To move feet that seemed to weigh as much As cinder blocks Way to heavy and awkward to dance into the rope..

How did the other girls do it? Did they have no fear? They look like they are having so much fun!!! I know I'm missing out!

Gosh but it seem so scary!!!! The lunch period is almost over… After the rope goes up one more Time

Are my shoelaces properly tied…? Soon Will my shirtsleeve get caught in the rope.. Maybe if I….

(the bell rings loudly signaling the end of recess) Aww man… Now I missed my opportunity…

Being too afraid





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