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To do……. but how ? When?

All we need is ….. Peace? Love?

With all that’s been going on this week we all need a breather. we all need a moment, some explanations, some hugs, some…. some peace. Actually the truth of the matter is that this hasn’t just begun this week. It isn’t a new development but the pot has now come to a boil and the pot cover has been violently blown off burning anyone it its path and leaving a mess…… a soggy , confusing , heart wrenching mess.

I’m all for solutions, but when it comes to race relations in America what are the solutions? Are there any viable ones? We would have to dig through so many layers of contaminated soil. When our arms finally got tired of digging we still would have to dig some more. We would have to dig right to the core of the earth and start from scratch. Who are we? What does it mean to be American. Who decides which persons have the right to live freely and comfortably as citizens and who doesn’t ? why is that and how can we change that? Who is willing to pour all of their rights into the circle to allow them to be shared out equally?

To do that first we would have to acknowledge that some in this country have more rights than others. To do so would take some serious examination of oneself in the mirror. Who is willing to do that ? Definitely not those who are covered under the laws of this country. If we really did view everyone as equals the slogan Black lives Matter wouldn’t be necessary.

Bob Marley said “who feels it knows it”

Where does this leave us? Hurt on top of hurt . Injustice on top of injustice. To tell you the truth for the most part all sides feel guilt for the color of their skin be it self imposed guilt or externally imposed guilt. I was explaining to someone from South Africa today whats been going on in the U.S. of A and his first response was.. “omg that sounds like you guys have apartheid! “. They would never do that here.

So the solution right? The to do for peace? Look at everyone as a fellow human being. Deal with everyone from a place of love. We all have fathers , mothers, brothers, and we all live, love, breathe, touch, the same. Interact with everyone you come across with peace…

leave the fear at home…

False. evidence. appearing . real

leave it out of your interactions….




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